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When Is The Right Time To Refinance Your Mortgage? A Guide For Canadians

If you’re a Canadian homeowner with a mortgage, you’ve likely heard the term ‘refinancing’ being thrown around, especially in times of economic uncertainty or fluctuating interest rates. Refinancing your mortgage can be an excellent strategy to lower your monthly payments, reduce interest rates, or access the equity in your home. But the burning question is, […]
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Leo Ragusa is a mortgage broker based out of Kingston, Ontario. he specialises in first-home buyer mortgages with an experienced touch of helping you improve your financial status through real estate. he has written this article for the drop in popularity of variable mortgage in Canada and the reason behind it.

Variable Mortgage Popularity Tanks To Pre-Pandemic Levels

Are you considering a variable-rate mortgage for your new home in Kingston? Unlike fixed-rate mortgages, your interest rates and payments will change during your mortgage term, and it has its benefits. But before opting for a variable-rate mortgage, learn about its current trends and market scenario to make smarter decisions. What is a Variable Rate […]
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How To Use The New Tax-Free First Home Savings Account?

Saving money is an essential part of building a secure financial future. In Canada, the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) has become an increasingly popular tool for individuals to save and invest their money. The TFSA allows you to grow your savings without paying taxes on the income earned within the account. Recently, the introduction of […]
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Will Home Prices Continue To Rise In 2024?

With home prices dropping and mortgage rates being projected to take a dip soon, home buyers are considering whether it’s the right time to purchase their dream home. We know it is tempting to wait until a better deal arrives in the market. However, no one can guarantee that home rates will become more affordable […]
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10 Important Questions To Ask Before Working With A Mortgage Agent 

When it comes to securing a mortgage, working with a mortgage agent can be a great option as they can help you navigate the complex mortgage market and find the right mortgage product for your unique needs. However, not all mortgage agents are created equal. To ensure that you are working with a reputable and […]
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Mortgage Refinancing: When and How to Refinance Your Home Loan

Mortgage refinancing is the process of replacing your existing home loan with a new one, typically with better terms or a lower interest rate. Refinancing can help you save money on monthly mortgage payments, reduce your interest rate, or shorten your loan term. However, it is not always the best option for everyone, and it’s […]
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Is It Time To Move To Fixed Mortgage?

As the Bank of Canada has increased the trend-setting interest rates almost four times since last year, the benchmark expense of borrowing has skyrocketed from around 0.25 percent to 2.5 percent quite recently. This has brought about a boil in the variable interest rates -pushing them from the rate of 2 percent as enjoyed by […]
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Can I Buy A Second Home Using Home Equity Line Of Credit?

Have you already purchased your first home and acquired positive equity? If yes, then congratulations, as you have built a home. Next, you might contemplate buying a second home in Kingston as a rental, investment property, or vacation home. Instead of getting a separate mortgage, you can use the equity on your first home to […]
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Should I Buy A House Despite Rising Interest Rates? 

With rising interest rates, buyers have become hesitant in purchasing a home. Several Canadian buyers are wondering if now’s the right time to purchase or if they should wait longer. Real estate prices have dropped significantly since February 2022 and that’s why you should buy a house within the next four months.  Down payment amount, […]
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Should You Rent or Sell Your House?

When it comes to deciding whether to sell or rent out your house, there are many important factors you need to consider. Much of this decision will depend on your long term goals, your current living and financial situation, your level of commitment, and your ability to work within time constraints. Before committing to either […]
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